Grasses on sports fields must take moderate to severe abuse and then come back for more.


  • 2017 ICM Conference Features Eight Guest Speakers, Covers 41 Crop Management Topics

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    Highlights of the 2017 ICM Conference are invited guest speakers, multiple sessions to choose from each hour and the opportunity to network with others in the agriculture ind

  • Ag Chemical Dealer Updates Provide Timely Crop Pest and Nutrient Information

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    Updates on the latest crop production products and recommendations are the featured topics at Ag Chemical Dealer Updates sponsored by Iowa State University Extension and Outr

  • Franklin County 4-H Team Wins at Livestock Quiz Bowl Competition

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    The Franklin County team, comprised of Jaiden Shahan, Lane Abbas and Isaac Vosburg, answered their way through six rounds of questions to win top honors against 12 other team

  • Yard and Garden: Identify and Enjoy Crabapples

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    Fall is the perfect season for apples and apple orchards. But what about crabapples? Are they OK to eat? And which varieties are best to use? Iowa State University Extension


Featured products


Athletic Field Marking Paint

Your field shouldn't just look good, it should inspire your performance. Whether you're playing under the lights on TV or grinding it out in practice, we have the right paint to help your team make a splash

Durapitch Mound Clay

DuraPitch Premium Mound Clay is moisture balanced mound clay so you'll never have to prepare the clay before applying it. DuraPitch is blended by computer controlled machines, creating the perfect mound time and

Line Marking Chalk

Made from calcium carbonate, our standard line marking chalk is safe for players, equipment and turf.

Pro's Choice Ceramic

Formulated for golf tees, greens and sandbased sports fields, Pro's Choice Ceramic retains moisture and releases it in the rootzone. Perfectly sized granules for sand based environments. 

Pro's Choice Pro Mound Gumbo Clay

A unique blue gumbo packing clay, Pro Mound bonds to form a solid subsurface that allows players to "dig in" and establish footing without leaving large holes. 

Pro's Choice Pro Red Infield Conditioner

This premium top dressig is formulated for uniform particle size and durability. It is the only deep red conditioner that maintains its rich color to achieve a championship look. 

Pro's Choice Professional Turf Blend

improve game day appearance of your turf. Pro's Choice Turf improves oxygen, water and nutrient flow to the rootzone for stronger, healthier turf. 

Pro's Choice Rapid Dry

Stay in the game with Rapid Dry drying agent. These sand like granules are designed to quickly wick away excess water from your infield, keeping your games playing safely and without delay. 

Pro's Choice Red Infield Conditioner

Designed to meet the challenges of wet, dry or compacted infields, this durable granule helps create passageways for drainage and eliminate compaction for truer bounces and safer play. 


Pro's Choice Select Infield Conditioner

This premium infield conditioner keeps infields smooth, and resilient. Its specially sized granules and red color makes the perfect infield topdressing. 

Pro's Choice Mound Bricks

No baseball field is complete without properly installed batter's boxes and pitcher's mounds. Use Easy Mound Clay Bricks to form a durable, solid subsurface in batter's boxes and pirtcher's mounds to