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DALLENBACH  & LARSON’s  goal is to design and build homes that reflects the owner’s lifestyle and passions.

Where do we start?
All custom home clients start out from a different perspective. Some clients have built a home before, some have a plan and most have a lot, but some of our favorite projects start from the idea of “we would like a new home”.

Understanding and Listening
At our initial meeting, we seek to understand our client’s goals, desires and needs for their homes identity through the style, design, energy usage and budget.  Dallenbach & Larson will make the selection and design process as direct as possible.  All of our experiences are available to offer our clients a vast array of choice and ideas that may not have been considered.  Building a relationship with our customers starts with listening.

Site Selection
Designing the house to fit the lot is the top priority in this phase of the design. Our customers home’s ‘fit’ into the surroundings and take advantage of all the best features the lot has to offer. Often the more challenging lots can result in the most creative solutions. That is why Steve and John visit each home site with our clients to see the topography, views, surrounding homes and any challenges that can be worked together to maximize the living experience of the home.  Detailed review of the sites dimensions and topography determines the style of the homes lower level, be it walk out or day light and the choices for ceiling heights. Reviewing the views and vistas lead us to room placement and the window locations. Of course, a soil test will be taken to understand how the footings will be designed and constructed.

Plan Design and Modifications
Many customers find a plan which suits their goals for space, layout and function. Often, the plan can be modified to reflect some specific details or budget issues.  Other times a plan is only used as a concept and a whole new plan is created. Dallenbach & Larson also finds our customers want to “start from scratch” to design a custom home.  We work closely with area architects, interior designers, plan drawers and landscape designers.  As homebuilders, we can customize all the details to fit your life style and budget. The possibilities for your home are endless.  We are the integration experts that you can trust to pull all the pieces of the home together.

Selections and bidding
Windows, cabinets, floor coverings, plumbing and light fixtures, appliances and counter top selections can sound like an overwhelming task.  But this can be the most fun part of the homebuilding experience.  Dallenbach & Larson has excellent show rooms and design consultants to help our clients find just the right combinations to fulfill the vision for their new home.   The initial selections will be used to create our budget for the contract for construction.  Steve and John work on the shell costs and the mechanical costs as the selection work continues.  All costs are then combined to form the “Budget Worksheet” which along with the specifications forms the bases for the contract.  Samples of these documents are available for preview as a part of out “Here’s how we do it” presentation.

“Every day something new happens” is the frequent response Dallenbach & Larson hears once the work begins.  It is hard to beat the excitement of walking through the new framing for the first time or seeing the kitchen coming together.  Steve and John are on site daily and are always available to review the work as it progresses.  A walk through, show room meetings, samples and mock ups, site wall sketches are a part of Dallenbach & Larson’s “hands on” management our clients expect from us. And, we enjoy doing it.  All of our custom homes are distinctively different, no two are alike.  Target dates, schedules and budget reviews are all presented during the construction phase.

Customer satisfaction
Once Dallenbach & Larson has turned our customers’ dream into a one-of-a-kind reality, we strive to continue our service with prompt follow up after the move-in occurs. Our warranties are clearly outlined and our suppliers and craftsmen know our insistence on complete owner satisfaction.  We value our relationship with our clients and are pleased that we have maintained many good friendships over the past 25 years.  Referrals from satisfied customers are our largest source of new work.  We are pleased to make our references available tailored to the scope of each project.